Video: How to use a peak flow meter

A peak move meter allows watch respiratory conditions such as asthma, by measuring greatest airflow out of your lungs.

Check with with your health practitioner as to in which to established the coloration-coded indicators. They are what support identify the status of your airflow.

To commence, hold the meter by the handgrip. Slide the crimson piston to the base of the scale, up coming to the mouthpiece.

Increase the meter horizontally, inhale deeply, then place your mouth about the mouthpiece and blow forcefully. Make positive your lips act as a seal about the mouthpiece so that no air escapes.

The crimson piston will slide up the scale. The selection that it stops on is your peak move looking at.

Repeat the test two much more instances. Each individual time, bear in mind to slide the crimson indicator back again to its commence place in the vicinity of the mouthpiece.

File the optimum looking at, with the day and time. Your health practitioner will support identify a customized scale to use with your meter, dependent on your age, height, sexual intercourse and well being.