Video: Biceps curl with dumbbell

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Edward R. Laskowski, M.D: The biceps curl is an work out you can do with dumbbells to develop strength in your upper arm. Specifically, the biceps curl operates the muscles in the entrance of the upper arm.

Nicole L. Campbell: To do a biceps curl with a dumbbell, maintain a dumbbell with your palm going through upward. Little by little curl the pounds up by bending your elbow, trying to keep your elbow close to your body. Then bit by bit decreased the pounds to the starting position. You may really feel rigidity in the muscles in the entrance of your upper arm.

When you’re executing biceps curls, do not swing your arm or elbow. Be mindful to keep your wrist straight and rigid. If you flex your wrist as you bend your elbow, you is not going to concentrate on the biceps muscle mass efficiently and you may hurt your elbow.

You can do biceps curls though you’re standing or sitting. You can also work both of those biceps by alternating arms throughout the work out. This also provides a core and balance obstacle.

For most individuals, one particular established of 12 to 15 repetitions is sufficient.

Bear in mind, for best results, keep your wrist straight and rigid throughout the work out. It is really also crucial to keep your movements clean and managed.

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