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Vivian Williams: This is a tale of the electric power of perseverance and really like.

Vivian Williams: This is a tale of the electric power of perseverance and really like. A man named Kevin Lou was a triathlete who formulated a unusual ailment that brought about his coronary heart to fail. In a issue of months, he went from powerful competitiveness to hardly getting in a position to walk. He required a coronary heart transplant. In addition to his new coronary heart, he acquired a ton much more.

Kevin Lue: Well, Maureen likes to run. That is how we satisfied.

Vivian: Functioning and competing in triathlons are passions for Kevin Lou, but when a ailment identified as big mobile myocarditis brought about his coronary heart to fail.

Kevin: I could not believe that how weak I was.

Vivian: Every thing stopped.

Kevin: I really substantially acquired dizzy and just passed out.

Vivian: The induce of big mobile myocarditis is mysterious. It results in the immune system attacking the coronary heart.

Farris Timimi, M.D. — Mayo Clinic cardiologist: He offered with a ailment that his entire body attacked his personal coronary heart and wrecked it. Destroyed his coronary heart function to the point where by it was negligible, but since he was in this sort of phenomenal form, he could still do things that he should not have been in a position to do.

Vivian: But at some point, Mayo Clinic cardiologist Dr. Timimi states Kevin’s coronary heart deteriorated to the point where by he required a coronary heart transplant.

Dr. Timimi: I feel if Kevin hadn’t been in the form he was, he would have died.

Vivian: A coronary heart was not accessible straight away. Health professionals implanted what is identified as a ventricular support unit, a mechanical pump that kept Kevin’s coronary heart heading.

Kevin: We failed to essentially know to feel that this would at any time stop.

Vivian: They waited and waited and while they waited, Kevin and Maureen built a superb conclusion. To established a day for their wedding.

Kevin: The day was established by when the greatest man and our relatives could be there.

Vivian: Even Dr. Timimi attended but the most exciting instant came the working day soon after their vows.

Kevin: We were downloading the images from the cameras when they identified as and mentioned “Are you in city?” I mentioned “yeah.” and they mentioned, “Well, we have a match.” I mentioned (laughing) “Oh, alright. I will be there!”

Vivian: What a wedding gift! The gift of lifestyle.

Maureen Lue: 48 much more yrs, proper? We have to be married 48 much more yrs so that we can celebrate our golden anniversary.

Vivian: And now that Kevin is completely recovered, he and Maureen can share their enthusiasm for operating and really like for each individual other.

Kevin: I’ve completed four half marathons previously this yr and a triathalon so I am executing substantially improved.

Dr. Timimi: I feel his tale is a testimony to the two his intrinsic reserve and for electric power of really like. I actually do.

For Medical Edge, I am Vivian Williams.