This Former Marine Planked for 8 Hours and Set a World Record

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How lengthy can you hold a plank for? Due to the fact George Hood, a sixty two-year-aged previous maritime, possibly just blew you out of the drinking water. On Feb. fifteen, Hood held the pose for eight hrs, fifteen minutes, and fifteen seconds. He broke the Guinness World History for the longest plank.

In circumstance you’re asking yourself, that’s for a longer period than it will take to look at The Irishman two times, or the overall primary Star Wars trilogy. According to a United states of america Today estimate, Hood burned 4,252 energy.

It was not the 1st time that Hood, who’s also a retired Drug Enforcement Administration agent, broke the document. In 2011, Hood held a plank for just one hour and 20 minutes, foiled 5 a long time afterwards when Mao Weidong from China planked for eight hrs, just one moment, and just one second.

So this year, Hood was identified to action up his plank activity. The Illinois native experienced every single day for eighteen months to put together to get on the entire world planking document again.

George Hood sets the longest plank record
George Hood sets the longest plank document Josef Holic photography

The folks at Guinness estimate Hood did 2,one hundred hrs of planking to prep. “It’s 4–5 hrs a day in the plank pose,” he instructed CNN in an interview. “Then I do seven hundred pushups a day, 2,000 sit-ups a day in sets of a hundred, 500 leg squats a day. For upper physique and the arms, I do around 300 arm curls a day.”

When he broke the document in Chicago, IL, Hood didn’t just do it for the Guinness title. The celebration also benefitted mental wellness consciousness, with Hood fielding presentations from attendees with autism and discovering issues throughout the day.

When Hood finished the document try, to hammer in the victory, he capped it off with 75 pushups. And crazier still, this was not even Hood’s longest plank: Though it was not attended by Guinness associates, Hood planked for 10 straight hrs back in 2018.

As before long as he finished, he declared his retirement from planking. As an alternative, Hood was reportedly eyeing up a pushup entire world document.

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