These Are Our Favorite Massage Guns

When massage guns to start with appeared in 2016, they modified the video game for restoration obsessives. The gadgets offer a com­bination of vibration and “percussion”—rapid punching by a mechanical arm—that can assistance loosen up muscle tissues, reduce tiredness, and improve assortment of motion.

They do the job simply because the human body responds to strain, stretching, and power by expanding a function of the autonomic anxious procedure named parasympathetic activity, states Cameron Yuen, a physical therapist at Bespoke Therapies in New York City. That in switch encourages blood flow and nutrient uptake. Furthermore, it feels superior. 

To use, permit the head of the massager glide more than your pores and skin, kneading the specific muscle for a minute or two. If you uncover a cranky spot, include strain, but do not go overboard—too significantly power can bring about the muscle to agreement. And do not ignore to do the job the parts earlier mentioned and underneath, Yuen states. 

Following some demanding (and calming) tests, below are the most effective new massage guns. 

one. TimTam PowerMassager Professional ($five hundred)

(Picture: Courtesy TimTam)

This device rivals the Theragun Professional (underneath) for energy, functionality, and usefulness, but operates quieter. It has a few speeds, as well as modes for heat-up, lumbar, neck, and restoration massages. There are a few attachments, such as a single that heats up, for further tissue aid, and a vibrating ball that boosts the shaking sensation. A few uses took care of lingering pain in my outer shin. It’s a bit tough to maneuver, in element simply because the energy button (which also cycles by way of the pace configurations) is positioned on the interior handle. Hitting it unintentionally can switch a comforting knead into an unforeseen pummel.

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two. NordicTrack ­Percussion ­Massager ($99)

(Picture: Courtesy NordicTrack)

This peaceful, no-frills product is significantly additional inexpensive than its counterparts. But there are trade-offs. Whilst it has a few pace configurations, it is not as powerful as the other folks below. The massage felt a bit ­superficial—more vibration than percussion. Although it could not be the most effective solution for another person who trains intensely, it could do the job nicely on sensitive muscle tissues or for those people with a very low pain threshold. Total, the energy-drill-formed device was at ease to maneuver and very easily attained pesky knots in my higher again. 

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3. Hypervolt with Bluetooth ($349)

(Picture: Courtesy Hyperice)

At ten inches lengthy, this product packs a mighty massage into a compact style. It delivers superior percussion at a few speeds and is no louder than a established of hair clippers, generating it the quietest below. Although the two.five-pound device initially felt large, the weight lent just the proper volume of strain to the massage without any extra energy. And like the Theragun, it syncs by means of Bluetooth with an app that, employing details from Apple Health and fitness and Strava, delivers encouraged heat-up, restoration, and human body-upkeep routines. It receives smarter, also, with AI that learns your exercise patterns to provide individualized massages. 

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4. Compex Fixx one. Massager ($300)

(Picture: Courtesy Compex)

Known for its muscle-stimulation gadgets, Compex entered the massage-gun video game in 2019 with the Fixx one.. It’s a superior light-weight solution ( pounds), with the energy and percussion of additional high priced designs. The ergonomic handle is easy to hold, the device operates at a few speeds, and it features a single attachment (two other folks are available for $30). The least expensive location primed my quads and calves, and the highest helped me avoid the dreaded subsequent-day lifeless leg. But like the TimTam, the energy button is on the handle, so it is easy to switch off though employing.

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five. Therabody Theragun Professional ($599)

(Picture: Courtesy Therabody)

The Theragun combines sturdy ­percussion and a dizzying array of customization alternatives. It’s a good device for significant athletes—just becoming totally free of those people relentless calf knots could justify the value tag. The device was at ease to hold and didn’t bring about hand tiredness. The draw back: it is the loudest and heaviest of the group, at two.nine pounds.

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From Outside Magazine, November 2020

Guide Picture: Hannah McCaughey

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