The Trifecta of Strength: Powerlifting, Weightlifting, and Bodybuilding

Allan I. Fleming


Eric Helms of 3D Muscle Journey is an completed normal bodybuilder, earth-renowned coach and health educator. Past 12 months, he competed many moments on the bodybuilding stage, but in 2020, he established himself the problem of competing in 3 distinctive power sports: weightlifting, strongman, and powerlifting. In this episode, we examine how he has juggled the competing requires of these distinctive sports.



Helms most effective describes himself as just an individual who is way way too obsessed with one particular factor which is lifting. It has affected his intellectual pursuits, his alternative of job and his personalized pursuits as an athlete.


If you are in the bodybuilding scene, you will in all probability have seen Helms’ competition images or heard me converse about bodybuilding coaches on podcasts, videos, and social media. If you are into powerlifting, you may possibly have heard him conversing about reducing fat or coaching Bryce Lewis.


If you are into weightlifting, you may possibly not have heard of him but that is for the reason that, as he states self-deprecatingly, one thing that he is the least very good at. And, if that was not enough lifting, he has a short while ago started out to undertaking into the activity of Strongman. However, no make a difference what he is doing, it is always lifting.


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