Graphic with two photos featuring the same man wearing a packaged food costume, with the old nutrition facts label and the word


You are most likely knowledgeable of the Diet Info label on foods—it’s been about for much more than 20 yrs. What you may not know is that the label has experienced a makeover—with improvements that can assist you make balanced alternatives about the foods you and your family try to eat. 

Together with the example earlier mentioned, the U.S. Foodstuff and Drug Administration (Food and drug administration) is launching a lively new training campaign to introduce you to people improvements—and how you can use them.

Lookin’ Fantastic

Starting now and for the next calendar year, you are going to see the campaign in action in a variety of destinations and in a variety of strategies. Look for vibrant commercials on your grocery keep browsing carts in 8 destinations throughout the United States, as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Pandora.

Also check out the snazzy films on YouTube and on food and drug administration.gov.

Viewers Favorites

The redesigned label has a variety of new capabilities for individuals like up to date serving dimensions to better match how a lot individuals try to eat and greater font dimensions for energy. Also, new nutrition are listed, like Vitamin D, potassium and added sugars. FDA’s training campaign aims to attain the standard population and qualified sub-populations at greater hazard of nutrition-relevant continual sickness.

What is in it for you? Consider a search at the new, improved label and obtain out!