The Importance of Keeping Your Hands Clean, Healthy and Moisturized

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Did you know the typical man or woman touches their confront an typical of 23 moments a day!  Ordinarily we wouldn’t even pay out notice to something so trivial, but this period is not like any others,  so we’ve been taking extra moments to feel about what’s most vital to us: our liked types, neighbors and pals.

With the state of the earth staying so difficult and unsure, these kinds of as the perils of touching your confront with soiled palms, sometimes the ideal matter to do is get a number of minutes to defend you and yours.

The good news? With Zest Soap, you have an uncomplicated, thoughtful way to continue to be secure by only washing your palms. Right here are some vital explanations why you must preserve a bar of Zest cleaning soap useful by each individual sink in your household.

Washing Your Hands Retains Us Clean up & Safe: 

As we enter cold and flu period, retaining your palms clear has hardly ever been much more vital. Washing palms the two massive and compact with Zest Aqua Cleansing Bar is one particular of the ideal actions you can get to preserve by yourself and your loved ones secure. And did you know, in accordance to the CDC, bar cleaning soap is equally effective at eradicating germs. Just make certain you scrub for at the very least 20 to thirty seconds and dry thoroughly.   

Zest Soap

Washing Your Hands is Much more Invigorating Than Coffee:   

Possibly that is up for discussion, but Zest’s invigorating scent will wake up even the grumpiest man or woman. It is effective like magic — one particular whiff of that new scent and almost everything just seems a very little brighter. 


Washing Your Hands With Zest Will Direct to Softer, Smoother Hands:   

Can you convey to we are form of ob-Zest? The Zest Aqua Cleansing Bar is infused with Vitamin E and provides intense dampness that leaves pores and skin sensation hydrated, new and invigorated just after each individual wash. As we settle in for a cozy winter period, there is very little improved than achieving out to our liked types with soft, clean palms.

Zest Aqua Bars

Zest Aqua Cleansing Bar (eight bar three.2oz 3pk, $eight.94) is readily available at

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