Adjuvant therapy: Treatment to keep cancer from returning

Adjuvant remedy: Treatment method to keep most cancers from returning

Recognize your possibilities just before you decide regardless of whether adjuvant remedy is for you. Equilibrium the aspect effects with the gains of therapy when producing your choice.

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Your health care provider says the surgical procedures to consider out your tumor was a results, but then refers you to a different health care provider to look at a lot more therapy — termed adjuvant remedy.

What is adjuvant remedy?

Adjuvant remedy is normally applied immediately after main solutions, this kind of as surgical procedures, to reduce

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Pepcid Ingredient Famotidine Being Tested as COVID-19 Treatment

The patients are being given famotidine, the active ingredient in Pepcid, and early results from the trial could be available in the next few weeks.

APRIL 27, 2020 — COVID-19 sufferers at some New York hospitals are getting heartburn drugs as portion of a scientific demo.

The sufferers are staying presented famotidine, the lively ingredient in Pepcid, and early effects from the demo could be offered in the subsequent few weeks, in accordance to Dr. Kevin Tracey, president of Feinstein Institutes for Professional medical Exploration at Northwell Health and fitness, which has 23 hospitals in the New York Metropolis spot, CNN claimed.

The scientific demo has 187 sufferers so much, with the goal of enrolling 1,200, Tracey stated.

He and his colleagues decided to evaluate

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Cancer treatment for men: Possible sexual side effects

Cancer therapy for guys: Attainable sexual aspect consequences

Obtain out if you are at danger of sexual aspect consequences after cancer therapy and which cancer treatment plans can trigger these aspect consequences.

By Mayo Clinic Staff members

Treatment for certain cancers can influence your sexuality, producing a range of indicators and signs or symptoms that can make sex with your companion much more complicated. But that doesn’t imply you are not able to have a healthful sex existence after cancer therapy.

Figuring out much more about your cancer therapy and how it might influence sexual operate can support you find

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Fever treatment: Quick guide to treating a fever

A fever is a common sign of illness, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, fevers seem to play a key role in fighting infections. So should you treat a fever or let the fever run its course? Here’s help making the call.

These recommendations are for people who are generally healthy — for instance, those who are not immunocompromised or taking chemotherapy drugs and haven’t recently had surgery.

The values listed in the table below are for temperatures taken with rectal and oral thermometers. These thermometers provide the most accurate measurement of core body temperature. Other types

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