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Nerding Out on Muscle Growth, Strength, and Rep Schemes


Greg Nuckols is a record-keeping powerlifter, conditioning author, podcaster, and all-round training nerd owner of Much better by Science. He aims to help lifters and coaches to train smarter.



In this episode, we focus on:


  • The predictors of muscular prospective
  • Schooling guidelines for hypertrophy
  • The position of power in hypertrophy
  • Why he’s not drinking the effective reps Kool-Support


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Health Behavior

Build Shoulder Strength to Avoid Injury

The shoulder. Perhaps it isn’t the finest structure out there, but it does permit folks to do some pretty remarkable factors. When you believe about which joints in the human entire body are most vulnerable to injury, there’s a healthy levels of competition between the shoulder and the knee for the leading place.


But it’s not seriously a fair combat. The knee is a remarkably elaborate hinge-joint made to deal with an crazy total of pressure in the frontal and sagittal planes inherent in flexion and extension of the joint. The knee consists of a selection of stabilizing ligaments

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Health Fact

Overhead Stability: A Strength Training Must


In this video clip tutorial, filmed at an energetic and noisy Precision CrossFit, I am going to introduce a series of actions that are based on making overhead balance. Overhead balance is seriously missing among many athletes and I have noticed that since I started out in toughness conditioning. I want you to imagine about the muscle tissue that are needed to hold weights about your head or to hold you upside down.



Developing consciousness about these muscle tissue is essential to my toughness schooling programs. I use it for every person. The physical exercises in this video clip are

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