How to Deal with Running Pain Like a Pro

Allan I. Fleming

“],”renderIntial”:real,”wordCount”:350}”> My beloved quote about the suffering that runners working experience throughout races (and tricky exercises) is from famous ultrarunner Scott Jurek: “Pain only hurts.” In other terms, as intense as it may be, the irritation we experience when operating to our limit does no damage over and above becoming […]

Running? No Thanks. Jogging? I Can Do That.

Allan I. Fleming

April Gallegos has under no circumstances been a runner and admits she possibly by no means will be. “I detest running,” states the 52-calendar year-outdated bartender and liquor distributor from California. Running, to Gallegos, implies self-inflicted torture—stressful workout routines, intense paces, and racing unfathomably prolonged distances. Jogging, on the other hand, […]

Will Running Make Me Better at Sex?

Allan I. Fleming

“],”renderIntial”:real,”wordCount”:350}”> Working is a journey of discovery. Not just of jogging routes and new places but of your have human body. About the many years as a runner, family members medical doctor, coach, and well being expert for journals and on the net communities, I have been requested practically hundreds […]

Bernd Heinrich’s Lessons from a Lifetime of Running

“],”renderIntial”:correct,”wordCount”:350}”> Late previous October, U.S. ultramarathon legend Bernd Heinrich, now 81, built a tranquil trip to Chicago to reprise one particular of the best performances in American functioning historical past. Forty many years ago, in Oct 1981, Heinrich entered the American Health care Joggers Association Chicago 100K, a multi-loop lakefront […]

On the Beauty of Great Running Form

“],”renderIntial”:true,”wordCount”:350}”> The set up to a newly released study on functioning sort feels a little bit puzzling. Years—or in truth decades—of prior experiments, the scientists tell us, have identified that the way you operate doesn’t appear to forecast how economical you are. Their new experiment will use two higher-tech techniques […]

How (and Why) to Find a Winter Running Partner

Previous collegiate athlete Obi Nwankwo shares why he trains with a partner in winter, furthermore his greatest strategies for discovering your individuals. Want much more assistance to assistance you get the most out of your coaching any time of calendar year? We’ve got you covered. Head around to the Modern […]

How to Find a Running Partner This Winter

We never will need to explain to you that wintertime can be a tough time to continue to keep your managing mojo. The excellent information? It is simple to discover reinforcements. Owning a managing partner or a team can go a very long way towards finding you out the door. […]

How Strava Shapes Our Running Stories

For exclusive access to all of our fitness, gear, adventure, and travel stories, plus discounts on trips, events, and gear, sign up for Outside+ today and save 20 percent. The conditions were less than ideal at this year’s Chicago and Boston Marathons. It was warm. It was humid. For many […]