Saying Goodbye to a Decade of Breaking Muscle

It’s been ten many years since Breaking Muscle commenced. When I to start with begun, I wrote about what was attention-grabbing to me at the time mainly because I couldn’t come across the facts wherever else. I was fascinated in yoga, CrossFit, Russian kettlebell coaching, MMA, and then that direct […]

Building Muscle as You Age

Allan I. Fleming

It was eye-opening to dive deep into a huge amount of money of analysis on sarcopenia and find out that we are all largely in command of how substantially muscle mass and power we have as we age.   It is common understanding that we reduce muscle mass mass and […]

Eat This Way to Build Muscle and Lose Fat!

Allan I. Fleming

Getting massive is 1 thing. Getting lean is one more. And the two simply just do not occur at the exact same time—or so the commenters would have you think. I’ve worked with a great deal of bodybuilders and power athletes who needed to maintain onto muscle—or even make it—while […]