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What triggers seasonal allergies? | NIH MedlinePlus Magazine

Ah, spring. It is the time of 12 months when the chilly begins to wane, and trees and flowers blossom.

But if you might be a single of the many individuals who endure from seasonal allergies, those people pretty trees and crops may perhaps make you truly feel worse, not improved.

That’s since of pollen, a powdery substance made by trees, weeds, and grasses.

Pollen is harmless, but if you have seasonal allergies, your human body blunders the pollen for one thing perilous and tries to attack it. This response causes signs or symptoms like coughing, a runny or stuffy

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Reticulocyte Count: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

What is a reticulocyte rely?

Reticulocytes are pink blood cells that are continue to acquiring. They are also known as immature pink blood cells. Reticulocytes are manufactured in the bone marrow and sent into the bloodstream. About two days after they kind, they develop into mature pink blood cells. These pink blood cells transfer oxygen from your lungs to every single cell in your human body.

A reticulocyte rely (retic rely) steps the amount of reticulocytes in the blood. If the rely is too significant or too minimal, it can indicate a really serious health problem, such as anemia and

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Iron Tests: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

What do the success imply?

If one particular or additional iron take a look at success present your iron degrees are way too reduced, it may possibly imply you have:

  • Iron deficiency anemia, a common sort of anemia. Anemia is a disorder in which your system won’t make ample red blood cells.
  • One more sort of anemia
  • Thalassemia, an inherited blood disorder that causes the system to make much less than usual healthful red blood cells

If one particular or additional iron take a look at success present your iron degrees are way too high, it may possibly imply you

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Immunofixation (IFE) Blood Test: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

What is an immunofixation (IFE) blood take a look at?

An immunofixation blood take a look at, also recognised as protein electrophoresis, actions particular proteins in the blood. Proteins participate in lots of significant roles, which include supplying power for the body, rebuilding muscles, and supporting the immune program.

There are two major kinds of proteins in the blood: albumin and globulin. The take a look at separates these proteins into subgroups primarily based on their size and electrical charge. The subgroups are:

  • Albumin
  • Alpha-1 globulin
  • Alpha-two globulin
  • Beta globulin
  • Gamma globulin

Measuring the proteins in every subgroup can assist

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Panic Disorder Test: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

What is a panic disorder exam?

Worry disorder is a problem in which you have recurrent panic attacks. A panic attack is a unexpected episode of intense panic and anxiety. In addition to emotional distress, a panic attack can result in physical symptoms. These include things like upper body ache, fast heartbeat, and shortness of breath. In the course of a panic attack, some people imagine they are possessing a heart attack. A panic attack can last anyplace from a few minutes to more than an hour.

Some panic attacks occur in response to a nerve-racking or frightening scenario, such

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