Don’t be an AskHole | Breaking Muscle

Do you ask “strangers” on the net about your instruction? Do you article video clips and solicit technique suggestions? I guess you are even the variety to comply with the sheep with the beliefs that fit you ideal. The feedback that allow for you to slack off or the path of the very least resistance. Congratulations you are an askhole!


Finest defined as a person that consistently asks for suggestions still always does the complete reverse of what you have been told to do. In this scenario, you requested a massive demographic of folks and selected the least complicated way.

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Morning Mobility Check-In | Breaking Muscle

Morning Mobility Check-In - Fitness, mobility, morning, self assessment, at-home exercise, at home, stay fit at home


Last week, I wrote about how mobility—the skill to go and be moved freely and easily—is not a independent side of fitness. Fairly, mobility is an expression of your fitness, and informs your moment-to-moment actuality.



Just as the martial arts masters insist we will have to be capable to kick cold, and Kelly Starrett’s well known analogy describes how a leopard will have to generally be all set to sprint for its livelihood, how can you go in just about every moment of your everyday living?


Clean out of bed in the morning is possibly the greatest check of your

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How This Great-Grandma Keeps Breaking World Records

Patricia Baker has experienced a active several months. In August, the 80-12 months-aged monitor bike owner and great-grandmother of five turned the oldest American woman to compete in the United states of america Biking Masters Track Nationwide Championships, in which she proven 4 countrywide and globe data in the 80-to-84 age team. But she did not halt there. Just around a month later on, she gained a gold medal in the person pursuit and a silver in the 500-meter time demo at the UCI Masters Track Biking Entire world Championships in Manchester, England. 

Arranging a journey to Manchester so quickly

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