8 Unusual Olympic LIfting Cues That Get Results

Olympic lifting is a person of the most higher-level, talent-based mostly, athletic pursuits a person can accomplish. No other model of lifting needs the exact level of coordination, concentration, and depth than a major thoroughly clean and jerk or snatch.


8 Unusual Olympic LIfting Cues That Get Results - Fitness, grip, olympic weightlifting, neuromuscular power, barbell, intention, lifting, cues, coaching cues, tips

Olympic lifts require coaching cues to develop appropriate motor patterns



I’ve been incredibly lucky in my coaching profession to have been introduced up by some genuine masters in the match. About two months into my coaching profession, I attended the NSCA’s Activity Precise Coaching Conference in Anaheim in January of 2000 and listened to Mike Burgener educate the lifts. I

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This Former Marine Planked for 8 Hours and Set a World Record

How lengthy can you hold a plank for? Due to the fact George Hood, a sixty two-year-aged previous maritime, possibly just blew you out of the drinking water. On Feb. fifteen, Hood held the pose for eight hrs, fifteen minutes, and fifteen seconds. He broke the Guinness World History for the longest plank.

In circumstance you’re asking yourself, that’s for a longer period than it will take to look at The Irishman two times, or the overall primary Star Wars trilogy. According to a United states of america Today estimate, Hood burned 4,252 energy.

It was not the 1st time

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8 Ways to Make Every Day a Valentine For Your Kids

News Picture: 8 Ways to Make Every Day a Valentine For Your Kids

TUESDAY, Feb. eleven, 2020 (HealthDay News) — As Valentine’s Working day ways, mother and father are reminded to shower their young children with enjoy and attention during the year.

“Setting up powerful bonds and a constructive romantic relationship with your little one has a nurturing influence on their actual physical, psychological, and social progress,” said Dr. Jennifer Shu, health-related editor of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) parenting web site, HealthyChildren.org.

“As mother and father, the unconditional enjoy and help we present them is just one of the most powerful means we can enable them prosper,” Shu said in an

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