Symptoms & Causes of Interstitial Cystitis

What are the indicators of IC?

Men and women with interstitial cystitis (IC) have repeat soreness, force, tenderness or ache in the bladder, decrease abdomen, and pelvic place. Signs and symptoms differ from individual to particular person, could be mild or extreme, and can even alter in each and every particular person as time goes on.

Signs may perhaps involve a combination of these signs:


Urgency is the sensation that you require to urinate correct now. A powerful urge is regular if you haven’t urinated for a few hrs or if you have been drinking a lot of liquids. With IC, you may possibly come to feel agony or burning together with an urgent have to have to urinate just before your bladder has had time to fill.


Frequency is urinating additional typically than you think you must have to have to, given the sum of liquid you are ingesting. Most people urinate concerning four and seven times a working day. Ingesting huge quantities of liquid can lead to a lot more repeated urinating. Taking blood force medicines referred to as diuretics, or h2o tablets, can also cause additional frequent urinating. Some men and women with IC come to feel a robust, unpleasant urge to urinate quite a few moments a day.


As your bladder starts off to fill, you may experience pain—rather than just discomfort—that receives even worse right until you urinate. The agony typically improves for a while as soon as you vacant your bladder. People with IC seldom have consistent bladder discomfort. The agony could go absent for months or months and then return. People today with IC sometimes refer to an assault of bladder pain as a symptom flare.

Some folks may well have ache with no urgency or frequency. This discomfort might occur from a spasm in the pelvic ground muscle mass, the team of muscle groups that is attached to your pelvic bones and supports your bladder, bowel, and uterus or prostate. Pain from pelvic ground muscle mass spasm may perhaps get worse through sexual intercourse.

What causes IC?

Scientists are functioning to recognize the will cause of IC and to find solutions that function. Even while the exact bring about of IC is mysterious, you may perhaps discover that selected occasions or components start off, or cause, your symptom flares. Symptom flares can make your IC really feel even worse. Some men and women have claimed that their symptom flares materialize when they6

  • are pressured, or have sure thoughts, these as anger or unhappiness
  • have sex
  • have a menstrual cycle
  • have a urinary tract infection
  • urinate or hold urine for also very long
  • skip meals or are dehydrated
  • truly feel changes in the seasons or the weather conditions
  • have allergic reactions
  • go through unexpected or bumpy actions
  • consider sure medicines or forget about to acquire their medicines
  • use restricted trousers and undergarments
  • use laundry detergents with sure substances or are in pool h2o with certain chemical compounds
  • use certain brand names of rest room paper
  • do particular physical routines, like pushing or lifting major objects
  • stand for extended intervals of time
  • have a Pap smear
  • consider antidepressants, sinus medicines, or discomfort relievers

Talk with your health treatment experienced about flare management. If you know which things make your signs and symptoms flare, you may would like to stay clear of them. Nonetheless, if aspects that have an effect on your health—like having intercourse, getting a Pap smear, or having specific medicines—make your symptom flares happen, speak with your health treatment specialist ideal absent.

You may also want to learn a lot more about which meals and drinks may well bring about your symptom flares.


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