Slide show: Common skin rashes

Pores and skin rashes can occur from a selection of components, like bacterial infections, warmth, allergens, immune process conditions and drugs. 1 of the most widespread skin conditions that causes a rash is atopic dermatitis (ay-Best-ik dur-muh-TI-tis), also recognized as eczema.

Atopic dermatitis is an ongoing (chronic) rash that causes skin to turn into thickened, itchy and dry. On brown and Black skin, the issue could also bring about compact bumps all-around hair follicles that appear like goose bumps.

Most generally the rashy patches of atopic dermatitis occur exactly where the skin flexes — this kind of as inside the knees (A) and on the ankles (B). The issue tends to flare up periodically.

At-property interventions can reduce indications and decrease the possibility of flare-ups. Self-care patterns contain:

  • Avoiding harsh soaps and other irritants
  • Applying creams or lotions routinely
  • Applying prescription anti-itch creams or ointments