Salicylates Level: MedlinePlus Medical Test

What is a salicylates level check?

This check actions the quantity of salicylates in the blood. Salicylates are a sort of drug identified in lots of over-the-counter and prescription medications. Aspirin is the most popular sort of salicylate. Preferred brand name title aspirins incorporate Bayer and Ecotrin.

Aspirin and other salicylates are most generally made use of to lessen ache, fever, and irritation. They also are powerful in protecting against abnormal blood clotting, which can bring about a heart attack or stroke. Men and women at possibility for these conditions may possibly be advised to consider baby aspirin or other low-dose aspirin day by day to help stop unsafe blood clots.

Even while it’s referred to as baby aspirin, it’s not encouraged for toddlers, more mature youngsters, or teens. For these age teams, aspirin can bring about a lifestyle-threatening problem referred to as Reye syndrome. But aspirin and other salicylates are typically secure and powerful for grownups when taken at the right dose. Nevertheless, if you consider as well much, it can bring about a serious and at times lethal condition referred to as salicylate or aspirin poisoning.

Other names: acetylsalicylic acid level check, salicylate serum check, aspirin level check