Robot-assisted minimally invasive mitral valve repair at Mayo Clinic

Allan I. Fleming

In robot-assisted mitral valve repair service surgical procedures at Mayo Clinic, two board-accredited cardiac surgeons use robotic devices to accomplish the actual identical technique performed in traditional open up upper body coronary heart surgical procedures, without needing to make a huge incision through your breast bone. Your surgeons accomplish the technique through compact incisions in your correct upper body, using finger-sized instruments that are slipped in among your ribs. In this technique, one surgeon sits at a distant console and views your coronary heart using a magnified significant-definition 3D look at on a video keep an eye on. Yet another surgeon is effective at the functioning desk and guarantees the risk-free movement of the robotic arms. You are going to need to be supported by a coronary heart-lung bypass equipment throughout the technique. This will allow your surgeons to prevent your coronary heart briefly and insert instruments into the internal chambers to repair service the mitral valve. Your surgeon uses robotic arms to copy particular maneuvers employed in open up-upper body surgeries. The technique is carried out through compact openings in your upper body, through which will be inserted micro instruments and a skinny significant-definition camera tube or thoracoscope. 1 opening will be a mini doing work port through which surgeons will insert components employed throughout the technique. Your surgeon performs the technique from the distant console. Your surgeon’s hand movements are translated exactly to the robotic arms at the functioning desk, which go like a human wrist. At the functioning desk, one more surgeon is effective alongside one another with the surgeon at the console to accomplish the technique and ensure it is performed securely and successfully. Your surgeon at the console can closely take a look at the difficult mitral valve trouble using the significant-definition 3D video keep an eye on. This permits your surgeon to have a clearer, much more lifelike point of view of your coronary heart than is probable throughout open up coronary heart surgical procedures, in which surgeons look at the coronary heart from a more length.

To repair service the mitral valve, your surgeon will make an incision in the left higher chamber or left atrium of your coronary heart to entry the mitral valve. Your surgeon can then identify the trouble with your mitral valve and repair service the valve by itself. In mitral valve prolapse, the mitral valve, situated among your heart’s left atrium and the left reduce chamber or left ventricle, will not shut effectively. The leaflets of the valve bulge or prolapse upward or back into the left atrium as your coronary heart contracts. This prospects to blood leaking backward into the left atrium, a situation called mitral valve regurgitation. To repair service this situation, numerous difficult specialized treatments are carried out. Occasionally a compact section of the leaflet, the section of the valve that will not shut effectively, is recognized, and a triangular section is taken off, as proven.  Your surgeon then stitches the cut edges of the leaflet alongside one another to repair service the valve.

In other scenarios, new chords or chordae supporting the damaged leaflet are inserted. An annuloplasty band is then placed all over the circumference of the valve to stabilize the repair service. Your surgeon will shut the incisions in your upper body immediately after the technique. Mayo’s workers will aid you throughout your restoration over a 3-working day time period in the clinic. In robot-assisted coronary heart surgical procedures, most people today have a more rapidly restoration, more compact incisions, and significantly less pain than following open up-upper body surgical procedures. Reports have also located that this technique carried out at Mayo Clinic is charge successful, with equivalent or reduce total fees in contrast with traditional open up-upper body surgical procedures.

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