Quick Summary: Treating Gastroschisis (Gastroschisis Silo) (for Parents)

Gastroschisis is when a child is born with the intestines sticking out as a result of a hole in the belly wall in close proximity to the umbilical twine. Normally, the intestines don’t fit in the tummy for the reason that they are swollen. If so, the surgeon usually arranges the intestines in a bag called a silo to:

  • let the water transfer out of the intestines so they shrink to standard dimension
  • permit the intestines to slowly and gradually shift into the stomach

The care team little by little tightens the silo as the intestines return to standard measurement. Placing the intestines again into the tummy with a silo normally can take about 3–4 times, but might choose for a longer period.

  • 30-Second Summary: Gastroschisis

    30-Second Summary: Gastroschisis

    Master the essentials in 30 seconds.

Date reviewed: January 2022

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