Prenatal Panel: MedlinePlus Medical Test

What do the results imply?

If your results have been not regular, you and/or your little one could get cure to avoid major well being issues. Examples of some abnormal results and cure incorporate:

  • Rh incompatibility. You will receive drugs that stops your human body from building antibodies versus your baby’s purple blood cells.
  • Infections (hepatitis, STDs, HIV). You will receive drugs to deal with the infection. If you have a hepatitis B infection, your little one will get a vaccine within just a several hrs of birth.
  • No immunity to rubella. You can expect to will need to keep away from any individual who has rubella though you are pregnant. Just after your little one is born, you ought to get vaccinated.

If you have inquiries about your results, communicate to your well being treatment supplier.

Understand more about laboratory assessments, references ranges, comprehension results.

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