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Allan I. Fleming


In this episode, I make clear just how I think you must coach to build the most muscle achievable. I make clear what anabolic resistance is and why it suggests you should modify your education approach to preserve rising.



I determine the a few crucial phases of education, P.B.S. for brief:


  1. Primer
  2. Constructing
  3. Solidification


And, I will share just how to framework and sequence each and every phase to optimize your benefits.


This sequence is the specific framework I have used myself and with my customers to get in photoshoot shape.


I am launching the P.B.S. framework as a 21-week on the web coaching program in January 2021. The program is termed T21.


If you’re fascinated in signing up for the T21 coaching program and operating with me, then go through on.


If you hear to the conclude of the episode, you will also listen to an interesting announcement about how you can get entry to a distinctive lower price to do the job with me to layout your education systems in the T21 coaching program utilizing the P.B.S. framework.


Discounted Code: BMDISCOUNT


DM me: @tommaccormick on Instagram



Electronic mail me: [email protected]


To get entry to the T21 lower price. Doors close for the first T21 consumption on the 1st of January 2021. So, don’t overlook out!


You can also discover this podcast sitting on prime of all my other 6 Pack of Knowledge podcasts (curated conversations with the best hypertrophy authorities on the planet).


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