Is Brown Sugar Keto Friendly?

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Is brown sugar keto friendly? Let us discover out if men and women can use this popular sweetener in their keto recipes.

Is Brown Sugar Keto Friendly
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What Is Brown Sugar?

Brown sugar is frequently utilised as a substitute for white sugar to sweeten foods. Nonetheless, contrary to well-liked perception, it isn’t going to incorporate much less energy than white sugar. In actuality, both sugar sorts are nutritionally identical.

The biggest variance of these two arrives down to the existence of molasses. Brown sugar is created with molasses from sugar cane, and which is how it gets its distinct brown colour.

And depending on the volume of molasses, brown sugar can be mild brown or darkish brown.

Nutritional Information For Brown Sugar

Just before we answer the query, “is brown sugar keto welcoming?”, let’s search at its nutritional details underneath.

One particular teaspoon (3g) of brown sugar delivers 11 calories, zero overall excess fat and 2.9g of overall carbs. It also has 4mg of potassium and .8mg of sodium.

Is Brown Sugar Keto Helpful?

No, brown sugar is not keto pleasant. Regardless of the quantity you take in, brown sugar can kick you out of ketosis. It is a superior-glycemic sweetener with a glycemic index of 65 and can trigger your blood sugar level to spike.

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Keto Solutions For Brown Sugar


If you happen to be hunting for a sweeter different to brown sugar that is keto helpful, stevia is the way to go. It is 100 to 300 periods sweeter but has no impact on ketosis.


Erythritol is a terrific brown sugar alternative. It is a variety of carbohydrate termed a sugar alcohol. And it is a minimal-calorie sweetener that has no result on ketosis.


Allulose is a plant-based, natural sweetener. Like erythritol, it has zero carbs and body fat and is marginally fewer sweeter than brown sugar.

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