Residence security tips: Making ready for Alzheimer’s caregiving

Caring for a liked a person who has Alzheimer’s can be worthwhile — and annoying. Observe these home security tips to help continue to keep your liked a person out of harm’s way.

By Mayo Clinic Team

Residence security is essential for anyone, but this is specifically true if you’re caring for a person with Alzheimer’s sickness or a associated dementia. A throw rug or a stray toy on the methods could conveniently lead to a fall or personal injury.

To protect against annoying and hazardous scenarios, take into consideration these home security tips for caregivers. Periodically, it might be handy to request a actual physical remedy referral for a home security analysis.

Evaluating home security

Commence by considering about the behavior, talents and health and fitness of the person with dementia. Can the person properly use stairs? Does he or she wander or get up at night time? Has he or she fallen before?

Then check just about every room for prospective hazards and make a observe of adjustments you’d like to make. Preserve in brain that changing the setting will most likely be more efficient than trying to modify the person’s behavior. Modifications in talents want to be reevaluated periodically as the sickness improvements.

Toilet security tips

In the lavatory:

  • Set up a shower chair and get bars. Position get bars around the bathroom, around the bathtub and in the shower. A hand-held shower head also might be helpful.
  • Address slippery surfaces. Position nonskid strips or a mat in the bathtub and shower. Except if the lavatory is carpeted, put nonskid strips on the floor around the bathtub, shower, bathroom and sink, as well.
  • Use a faucet include in the bathtub. A foam rubber faucet include can help protect against major personal injury if the person with dementia falls in the bathtub.
  • Lock up probably harmful products and solutions or electrical appliances. Set up childproof latches on cabinets and drawers to limit access to probably hazardous things. Use boy or girl-restraint caps on medication containers.
  • Lessen drinking water temperature. Set the thermostat on your hot drinking water heater to underneath a hundred and twenty F (forty eight.9 C).
  • Remove doorway locks. Contemplate getting rid of locks from the lavatory doorways to protect against the person from accidentally locking himself or herself in.

Kitchen security tips

In the kitchen:

  • Reduce access to probably hazardous appliances. Set up security knobs on the stove to protect against the person with dementia from turning the stove on or off. Disconnect the rubbish disposal.
  • Remove artificial fruits or vegetables or food stuff-shaped magnets. These objects might seem to be edible.
  • Lock up breakable or probably hazardous provides. Set up childproof latches on cabinets and drawers to limit access to things these types of as cleaning products and solutions, liquor, matches, knives, scissors and even plastic luggage.

Bedroom security tips

In the bed room:

  • Set up a checking gadget. A newborn keep track of will help you hear if the person with dementia demands help. This might be specially handy if he or she has sophisticated dementia.
  • Consider caution when using heating equipment. Don’t use moveable area heaters in the person’s bed room. If electric blankets or heating pads are used, continue to keep the controls out of attain.

If the person with dementia tends to get up at night time to consume, take in or use the lavatory, consider to meet these demands before he or she goes to bed.

Dwelling room security tips

In the principal living places:

  • Steer clear of clutter. Recycle newspapers and publications. Preserve places the place men and women stroll no cost of household furniture and cords. Preserve plastic luggage out of attain. Restrict decorative objects. Trim significant crops, and clear away crops that might be poisonous if eaten.
  • Mark glass doorways, windows and household furniture. Position a decal on glass at the person’s eye degree to help him or her see glass panes.
  • Consider caution when using fireplaces. Don’t leave the person with dementia by itself with an open fireplace in the hearth.

Laundry room security tips

In the laundry room:

  • Lock up probably harmful products and solutions. Set up childproof latches on cabinets the place you continue to keep detergent and other probably harmful provides.
  • Reduce access to the washer and dryer. Near and latch the doorways and lids to the washer and dryer. Contemplate getting rid of significant knobs if the person tries to tamper with the equipment.

If the laundry room has a doorway, take into consideration preserving it locked.

Garage, lose and basement security tips

In the garage, lose and basement:

  • Lock up probably hazardous things. Set up childproof latches or locks on cabinets the place you continue to keep instruments, deal with, devices, sporting gear, paint, fertilizer, gas, cleaning provides or other poisonous resources. Remove all guns or weapons from your home.
  • Lock all automobiles. Contemplate masking or getting rid of automobiles and bikes that usually are not commonly used if the person has sophisticated dementia.

Contemplate locking the doorways to these places as effectively.

Outside security tips

To ensure security outside:

  • Check exits. If the person with dementia takes advantage of a walker or wheelchair, make guaranteed he or she will be equipped to get in and out of your home — when required. Contemplate widening doorways or including ramps.
  • Preserve methods secure. Mark the edges of methods with dazzling tape. Preserve methods durable and textured to protect against falls in damp or icy weather conditions.
  • Prohibit access to the pool. If you have a swimming pool or hot tub, surround it with a fence. Set up a gate with a lock. Cover the pool or hot tub when it is really not in use.
  • Steer clear of clutter. Preserve hoses, foliage and other debris off the walkways.
  • Securely retailer gasoline resources. Remove gasoline resources for your grill or other gear when not in use.

Other security safety measures

In addition, take into consideration having these security safety measures all through your home:

  • Prepare for emergencies. Display crisis numbers and your home tackle around all telephones.
  • Use night time lights. Position night time lights in the person’s bed room and the lavatory to help protect against tripping if he or she gets up at night time.
  • Treat slippery or uneven surfaces. Remove throw rugs. Position nonskid strips or wax on hardwood and tile floors.
  • Modify the home cellphone and voice mail settings. Reduce the ringer volume of your home cellphone to protect against distraction and confusion. Set the answering machine or voice mail to convert on immediately after the most affordable quantity of rings. A person with dementia might be not able to choose messages or could grow to be the target of phone exploitation.
  • Preserve stairs secure. Set up light switches at the leading and base of stairs. Make guaranteed stairs have at minimum a person handrail that extends past the to start with and past methods.

    Cover stairs in carpet or implement nonskid strips. If the person with dementia has harmony troubles, set up security gates in front of stairs.

  • Set up smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Position them in or around the kitchen and all sleeping places. Check them consistently to make guaranteed they function. If the person with dementia has eyesight or hearing troubles, set up a smoke alarm with a vibrating pad or flashing light.
  • Check the locks. Make guaranteed there are working locks on all windows and front and back doorways. Preserve a spare established of house keys outside the house of the house, in circumstance the person with dementia locks you out. Set up deadbolts significant or lower on outside the house doorways to make it more difficult to get out.
  • Address shops and electrical cords. Position lamps shut to electrical shops. Cover unused electrical shops with childproof plugs.
  • Preserve computer gear out of the way. If you retailer useful paperwork on your computer, shield the information with passwords and make backup information. Contemplate checking the person’s computer use.

You can get numerous products and solutions or gizmos required for home security in hardware, electronics, health care supply and kid’s stores. If you want help generating adjustments to your home, enlist close friends, a home security experienced or a community group.

Don’t forget, spending awareness to home security can help the person with dementia preserve his or her independence — and ease the stress of caregiving.