High-Frequency Fat Loss – What I Learned in Lockdown

Allan I. Fleming

As I came to conditions with the realities of remaining in lockdown I desired to come up with strategies to aid my consumers preserve going to their ambitions. I made a decision to take the time at dwelling as an possibility to drop some system fat.


Naturally wise dietary possibilities were being likely to be important to this, but with my usual actual physical exercise greatly lessened (which is what occurs when you trade eight hrs a day on the health club flooring for sitting in front of your laptop), I desired to be clever about my coaching. One particular of the crucial applications I made use of for that is high-frequency weighted cardio.



To be in a position to take a high-frequency method to any coaching strategy you have to have to be in a position to recuperate quickly. When it arrives to high-frequency coaching, high concentrations of muscle mass hurt and remaining sore for times are public enemy variety a person!


There is a person often neglected coaching strategy that brings about almost zero muscle mass hurt, but delivers a potent coaching stimulus. And that is the strategy I will made use of to lean down for the duration of lockdown. So, here’s how I progressed on my lockdown program.


Concentric-Only Education

There are two principal phases of muscle mass contraction for the duration of resistance coaching:


  1. Concentric Muscle mass Education
  2. Eccentric Muscle mass Education


The concentric section is when a muscle mass shortens less than rigidity. You can assume of this as the lifting section. The eccentric is when the muscle mass lengthens less than rigidity. This is the lowering section.


The eccentric section is in which most of the muscle mass hurt takes place. Eliminating the eccentric phases suggests you can decrease the stress, muscle mass hurt, and breakdown that takes place with conventional coaching.


I would not suggest excluding all eccentric coaching variety your software indefinitely as the eccentric part of the carry does carry several added benefits and is a crucial piece of the dimensions and toughness puzzle. On the other hand, tactically removing the eccentric section from particular features of your coaching can have potent added benefits.


Concentric-only coaching makes the likely for:


  1. Better coaching frequency
  2. A lot more quantity



People are both of those incredibly useful when it arrives to fat loss. Even far better, a 2017 study (Inventory et al., 2017) showed that concentric-only toughness coaching (involving minimal muscle mass hurt) produced hypertrophy in just three – 4 months. So, concentric coaching can aid you get lean and obtain (or the very least preserve) muscle mass mass.


Study exhibits that concentric-only coaching generates a great deal bigger metabolic demands than eccentric coaching (Kraemer et al., 2001). Noticeably increased VO2 and lactic acid concentrations are achieved with concentric-only coaching. This improved metabolic value equates to a lot more energy burned.


Improved Restoration with Concentric-Only Education

Concentric-only coaching is incredibly well-known in personal injury rehab systems. In the early stages of rehab several therapists use high frequency concentric-only coaching as the very first-stage in strengthening muscle groups.


Improved restoration from personal injury is a person benefit of concentric only coaching. Improved restoration among sessions is also a significant furthermore of concentric only operate.


Stimulating blood movement to the doing work muscle groups increases the restoration time from a person significant session to the future. This is why concentric only coaching is such a terrific addition to your regular workouts.


Reward Education Not Overtraining

Concentric-only coaching suggests you can do “extra” or “bonus” coaching with a a great deal lower chance of overtraining. Concentric only operate allows you to get a coaching stimulus without the need of the mechanical or neurological exhaustion that regular coaching brings about. Consequently, you can do a lot more coaching with minimal chance of it interfering with your usual lifting sessions.


The a lot more you can coach without the need of exceeding your ability to recuperate the far better your final results. The reality that concentric coaching offers you the capacity to raise your workload without the need of exceeding your restoration ability is a enormous bonus when it arrives to successful the system fat struggle!


Powerlifters, Concentric Lifts and Conditioning

Westside Barbell popularised concentric-only coaching with the use of sleds for conditioning operate. Pushing and pulling a sled is an amazingly productive fat burning training. I have made use of it in the systems of many consumers to terrific effect. It’s a person of the best techniques to maximise fat loss when minimising muscle mass loss.


As opposed to conventional cardio, sled operate requires relatively high concentrations of resistance. This resistance alerts the system to preserve hold of muscle mass. As a outcome, you don’t squander absent to looking like a marathon runner when accomplishing weighted strength procedure operate.


Concentric-Only Education at Residence

Sadly, I don’t have a sled or plenty of outdoor room to use a person. Residing in central London suggests room is at a actual high quality. What I do have is six flights of stairs in my apartment block and these are what I’m utilizing to get the identical added benefits of sled operate.


Below is how:


  • I load my again pack up with publications and dumbbells
  • I stroll up the six flights of stairs
  • I get in the carry and return to the floor flooring
  • I repeat for five-10 sets


Walking upstairs is a predominantly a concentric exercise. By loading my backpack up with textbooks and dumbbells I am in a position to add fifty lbs of exterior load. Walking up the stairs is like performing a hundred weighted stage-ups.


I get in the carry to go again down mainly because I’m lazy. Naturally, I’m joking, there is essentially strategy to my insanity/laziness. Walking downstairs with fifty lbs of excess bodyweight requires plenty of eccentric operate and brings about plenty of muscle mass hurt.


Walking up and down stairs would signify that I would be sore and restoration would take for a longer period. As a outcome, I would not be in a position to do this on a day-to-day basis. Due to the fact I’m looking to use this strategy as my day-to-day cardio having the carry down is the intelligent decision.


So, if you have a again pack, something significant to set in it and a staircase, you can get shredded when self-isolating.


Now, it appears to be like there is a feeling of normality returning, despite the fact that I assume some persons may even now pick to training at dwelling until eventually they come to feel comfortable likely into a health club. Connect with my on my Tom MacCormick Instagram account and message me if you have to have some aid.

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