Good Mornings Are an Excellent Auxiliary Movement

Allan I. Fleming

Rigorous excellent mornings with the feet put wide, the knees locked and the back held straight is an outstanding movement that solves a selection of complications for beginning lifters. They also give supplemental strengthening for veteran lifters.


The lifter really should choose the barbell on the shoulders behind the neck, and step away from the racks, and believe a stance with at minimum 90 degrees among the thighs.


The knees really should be locked, and the head really should glance forward all over the movement. The athlete really should then bend forward from the hip, holding the back straight right until the torso is parallel or close to parallel to the ground prior to returning to an erect stance.


This movement is outstanding for athletes with tight hamstrings that power the buttocks to tuck underneath at the bottom of the squat. It can also be helpful for these with range of motion complications at the ankles.


Furthermore, it is an outstanding developer of hamstring power for the function of pulling and straightening the hips. Reps really should be executed in the five-8 range for each set and for four or additional sets at the end of the coaching session. The very first time they are applied, there really should be substantial hamstring soreness.

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