Gamma-glutamyl Transferase (GGT) Test: MedlinePlus Medical Test

Allan I. Fleming

What do the effects mean?

If your effects clearly show greater than typical amounts of GGT, it may perhaps be a indicator of liver problems. The problems may perhaps be thanks to just one of the following conditions:

The effects can’t clearly show which ailment you have, but it can help clearly show how much liver problems you have. Usually, the greater the amount of GGT, the better the amount of problems to the liver.

If your effects clearly show you have very low or typical amounts of GGT, it usually means you possibly you should not have liver illness.

Your effects may perhaps also be when compared with the effects of an ALP check. ALP tests help diagnose bone diseases. Together your effects may perhaps clearly show just one of the following:

  • Superior amounts of ALP and large amounts of GGT usually means your indications are likely thanks to liver condition and not a bone condition.
  • Superior amounts of ALP and very low or typical GGT usually means it can be much more likely you have a bone condition.

If you have queries about your effects, chat to your health treatment supplier.

Understand much more about laboratory tests, reference ranges, and being familiar with effects.

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