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The pairing of foodstuff and sex is absolutely nothing new. Ancient civilizations categorised a selection of foodstuff as aphrodisiacs – some for their shape, appearance, and texture, and others for their style, shade, and nutritional value.

Food stuff and sex have prolonged been celebrated as indulgences with significantly in widespread. From the hurry of dopamine in response to the anticipation of pleasure to the cascade of chemical compounds in the brain and entire body that we encounter during a fantastic food or during wonderful sex, it’s no shock that gustatory satisfaction normally potential customers to erotic enjoyment.

In excess of the several years, nonetheless, exploration has challenged the existence of aphrodisiacs and rightfully so, as diet is only one element that influences sexual want and reaction. The partnership concerning food items and sex is not linear. It is not as easy as having oysters, blueberries, or almonds and quickly finding by yourself in the throes of wish or passion. It’s essential to notice that hormones, mood, rest, interactions, and a array of other influences perform roles in the marriage concerning food stuff and sex.

This does not mean that diet program doesn’t influence your sexual intercourse lifetime. Your food plan impacts how you really feel, how you rest, cognitive function, physical wellbeing, and strength levels, so you may perhaps find that adjusting your food plan can affect your drive for sexual intercourse and your sexual response. So, if you’re seeking for meals, herbs, and supplements to support your in general sexual health, test out our prime picks.

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Watermelon juice has been celebrated as nature’s Viagra. It is significant in lycopene and citrulline – both are affiliated with cardiovascular well being and help blood movement to the genitals and erections. However the exploration is comparatively new, conclusions counsel that the body might change citrulline into arginine, which converts into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide supports the opening of the blood vessels, escalating blood move and strengthening sensation and erections (and don’t forget about that equally the penis and the clitoris get erections!).

Figs have traditionally been linked with fertility and satisfaction (probably for their wonderful vivid fleshy inside). Investigation suggests that they may perhaps also guidance libido and sexual reaction, and their magnesium content has been connected to sex hormone manufacturing. They’re also a very good supply of fiber, potassium, and vitamin B6, which assist over-all mental, physical, and sexual overall health.

Cherries are a good resource of melatonin, the hormone that will help to control the circadian rhythm and aid a restful night’s sleep. We all know there’s no superior aphrodisiac than waking up relaxed and rested. When you are perfectly-rested, your strength stages, temper, and libido are additional probable to working experience a enhance. Sleep can also increase your intercourse lifestyle by lessening nervousness, regenerating cells, relieving tension, and increasing your ability for interaction. In addition to advertising and marketing wholesome slumber, cherries are a excellent source of zinc, magnesium, potassium, iron, and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Oysters may perhaps be simple aphrodisiacs simply because of their indulgent symbolism and the sensual way they’re consumed, but their nutrients also have the probable to improve sexual efficiency. They’re wealthy in zinc and amino acids, which are related with the generation of testosterone and other sex hormones. So, it’s no shock that Casanova was rumored to try to eat them by the dozen.

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Spinach is made up of magnesium, which can support minimize inflammation and market blood movement, and is important to sexual response, arousal, and satisfaction. As circulation improves, you may possibly discover that arousal, erections, and orgasms flow much more freely. With diet regime alterations that support effectively-start and circulation, you may possibly also locate that your body is far more responsive to contact. Fortunate for us, sexual enjoyment has the likely to span across the complete overall body from head to toe.

Avocados are extra than just a superfood. They are also loaded with vitamins and minerals and natural vitamins that enhance oxygen and circulation to enrich the sexual response cycle.

Blueberries are wealthy in flavonoids, which are connected with a diminished chance of erectile dysfunction. Having said that, you don’t need to overhaul your diet to reap the rewards incorporate berries to your cereal, yogurt, pancakes, or smoothies just about every morning to boost your intake of anthocyanins.

Ginger is great for your overall wellness and sex everyday living! A single examine identified that even smaller amounts can help to control human body temperature and boost cardiovascular operating. And because coronary heart wellness is correlated with sexual frequency, you may want to adhere to your training with a heat cup of ginger tea.

Pumpkin Seeds are higher in zinc, vitamins, and minerals and include tryptophan, which encourages serotonin manufacturing and boosts your mood. Considering the fact that temper is an important predictor of libido, you may possibly want to look at what you’re stocking in your fridge and pantry if you’re hoping to advertise adjust in the bed room.

Maca is the 21st-century sexual intercourse supplement, as it is considered to assistance the adrenal glands, which function additional time in reaction to pressure. Given that worry squashes libido, nearly anything you can do to minimize pressure hormones will ultimately guidance a healthy intercourse existence.


If you are wanting for an all-in-one complement to guidance intercourse travel and sexual response, you’ve occur to the appropriate area. ASTROGLIDE not long ago launched Rocket Gas, which is made up of quite a few elements discovered on this listing of foodstuff that help sexual wellness, which include maca.

Rocket Gasoline also includes ashwagandha root extract, which is related with the generation of testosterone and is tied to libido, sexual performing, and stamina.

You could have also heard of one more Rocket Fuel ingredient, Tongkat Ali. This organic remedy is connected with boosts in testosterone and is appropriately linked with supporting libido, endurance, and sexual response.[1]

Of training course, sexual overall health is very personalized and sophisticated. Your amounts of motivation, sexual response, satisfaction, erectile function, and orgasm intersect with life style, healthcare, personal, relational, and emotional elements. Food plan on your own is not a panacea.

If you are hunting to just take action to enhance your sexual health today, food plan and dietary supplements can be a meaningful and very simple way to get started out. So, dedicate to just one improve suitable now – most likely exchange your sugary breakfast cereal with a cherry and blueberry salad as soon as for every week, or consider hoping ASTROGLIDE Rocket Gas to see how your entire body responds to herbs and dietary supplements that have extended been used to help sexual health and fitness and enjoyment.

Bon Appetit!

[1] Henkel, Ralf & Wang, Ruxiang & Bassett, Susan & Chen, Tao & Liu, Na & Zhu, Ying & Tambi, Mohd. (2014). Tongkat Ali as a Potential Herbal Health supplement for Physically Active Male and Female Seniors-A Pilot Review. Phytotherapy investigation : PTR. 28. 10.1002/ptr.5017.

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