Fibromyalgia: Self-care ideas

Fibromyalgia signs fluctuate above time, even from working day to working day. Consider these self-care ideas to support you cope with tricky times.

By Mayo Clinic Team

Life style changes and medications can reduce the severity of fibromyalgia discomfort and tiredness, but you are going to probably nevertheless have some bad times. Understanding that, you can system forward for those people bad times. The adhering to ideas may well support consider your intellect off the discomfort and quite possibly ease your pain.

Put on some tunes

Tunes can have a highly effective influence on moods and emotions. Tunes also will help minimize discomfort and boost mobility.

What tunes operates finest? Any tunes you like. So flip on some of your preferred tunes and permit the tunes carry you absent.

Tunes which is embedded with delta waves — a style of brain wave — may well support boost your snooze.

Have a snicker

Even on tough times, it will help if you can preserve your sense of humor. Shell out time with people who have a good outlook and a terrific sense of humor. Hire a funny film or read through the comics. Laughter can support ease discomfort by releasing brain chemical compounds that improve a sense of nicely-getting.

Get a tub

Quite a few scientific tests have appeared into balneotherapy for fibromyalgia. Balneotherapy, which signifies bathing to address an disease, seems to minimize discomfort and stiffness.

This isn’t surprising, specified that heat drinking water will help minimize muscle pressure, endorse rest and reduce discomfort. Incorporate to that the frequently nice working experience of getting at a spa or a very similar location.

But it’s crucial not to invest much too a great deal time in the tub, or to routinely consider lengthy soaks. Staying in the tub for a lengthy time may well make you concentrate on how bad you are experience, and it can truly make you sense worse. Alternatively look at an occasional short soak in your house tub or a spa as a address.

If visits to a spa aren’t your matter, test producing a spa-like atmosphere at house and have a soak in your individual bathtub. Or look for a local community center or gym with a heated pool or sauna rooms.

Conscious motion

Work out is regarded to be useful for people with fibromyalgia. And, combining physical exercise with an recognition of your body, the actions and the minute (mindfulness) may well be even extra helpful.

Investigate suggests that tai chi — a apply originating in China that consists of shifting the body bit by bit, gently and with recognition — may well present a reward to people with fibromyalgia. Yoga and the Chinese therapeutic artwork of qi gong, which combines meditation, controlled respiration and motion workouts, also have proven assure.


Meditation consists of focusing your intellect to pay out notice only to what is happening suitable now, this minute. If you are not guaranteed about meditation, test paced respiration — controlled respiration created to lower your coronary heart fee. Or pay attention to a CD created to support you loosen up and ease into a extra aware point out.

Consider guided imagery

With guided imagery, you concentrate on nice visuals to switch tense or damaging ideas. This makes it possible for you to envision a different inner truth. This can be guided by a practitioner, or you can do it at house employing a CD, DVD or mobile phone app.

Get a massage

Therapeutic massage therapy has been greatly utilized as a complementary and choice treatment for fibromyalgia. Most of the scientific tests have discovered that massage therapy significantly enhances discomfort, panic and depression in people with fibromyalgia.

But not every person finds massage helpful. For some people, massage may well make their discomfort worse.

If you would like to test massage, obtain a therapist you like and who is acquainted with fibromyalgia. The massage therapist may well will need to commence with quite mild massage and get the job done up to a higher intensity for your comfort and ease.

Your medical professional, bodily therapist or other overall health care suppliers may well be in a position to counsel dependable therapists in your space. Be guaranteed to verify with your insurance policies system to see if massage therapy is protected.

Aim on anything meaningful to you

Volunteer for a lead to you care about. Go through to nursing house citizens or young small children in kid care. Or, request your area animal shelter if they will need any help.

Concentrating on other folks can support consider your intellect off your signs for a little when, and you may well obtain the working experience quite fulfilling.

Take a look at your choices

Simply because fibromyalgia can not be healed, it’s crucial to have a selection of approaches for working with your signs. If you have not already, converse with your medical professional or other overall health care company about nondrug self-care approaches.

Not all therapies will support every person, of study course. Experiment and see what operates for you.