Eye twitching, benign critical blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm are phrases usually used to refer to any of three separate conditions. Every type of twitch or spasm has a distinctive trigger.

Eyelid twitching (myokymia) has an effect on only the eyelid. This type of twitch or spasm is pretty widespread and occurs to most people today at a person time or yet another. It can contain both the higher or decrease lid, but typically only a person eye at a time. The eye twitching can vary from scarcely noticeable to bothersome. The twitching typically goes absent within a brief time but might recur about a number of hrs, times or more time.

Benign critical blepharospasm starts out as enhanced blinking of each eyes and might development to the eyelids becoming squeezed shut. This type of eye twitching is rather unusual but can be incredibly intense, affecting all elements of everyday living.

Hemifacial spasm entails twitches of muscle groups on a person side of the encounter, together with the eyelid.