Dr. Jacono Reviews the Logevity of a Facelift.

An exceptional facelift can take a decade or more off a person’s appearance. They are, by far, among the best ways to rewind the clock on aging. Furthermore, today’s facelift techniques are more revolutionary than ever, pioneered by renowned cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Andrew A Jacono.

New York-based Dr. Andrew A Jacono is a dual board-certified cosmetic surgeon who serves as Section Head of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at North Shore University Hospital Manhasset. That’s in addition to maintaining the position of Associate Clinical Professor, Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

One of the most common questions asked of Dr. Jacono by prospective patients and other interested parties concerns how long facelifts last. Of course, following a facelift, a patient’s face continues to age. And while a facelift can turn back the clock, it cannot prevent future aging.


Typical facelift results

A typical facelift will look to tighten any loose skin on a patient’s face and neck. The aim, by and large, is to create a more youthful, largely wrinkle-free appearance.

Also known as a rhytidectomy, patients can choose from various options. These primarily include full facelifts, mini facelifts, and separate neck lifts. Patients and their surgeons may also combine a facelift with a forehead or brow lift.

According to Dr. Andrew A Jacono, most patients can expect the results of a facelift to last for around ten years.

Facelift maintenance

Following a facelift, patients can promote long-term results with a degree of maintenance. It’s a process that’s imperative in the days and weeks post-surgery.

Immediately after a facelift, this maintenance should include following wound care instructions to the letter, avoiding pressure or motion around any incisions, and limiting direct sun exposure. However, what’s equally crucial is taking ongoing measures in the coming months and years.

Dr. Andrew A Jacono advises that patients explore the possibilities of follow-up facial rejuvenation measures. These are generally nonsurgical and minimally invasive. Such procedures can help to significantly extend the effectiveness of a facelift. With that, it’s possible to see continued results for longer than the typical ten-year period that a facelift normally lasts.

Dr. Andrew A Jacono’s facelift expertise

Dr. Jacono is an internationally renowned authority in facial plastic surgery. Colleagues and the world’s media often call upon him to provide his expert opinion. As one of the city’s premier plastic surgeons, the New York City-based doctor’s peers have long celebrated his original, advanced approach.

A particular area of focus for Dr. Jacono surrounds nonsurgical and minimally invasive facial rejuvenation. Such procedures promise flawless yet natural-appearing results. New York Magazine lists Dr. Andrew A Jacono as one of New York City’s leading facial plastic surgeons. Harper’s Bazaar has also named the facelift expert among its best plastic surgeons in America.

Elsewhere, Dr. Jacono has been a guest on various high-profile television shows, including Anderson Live and Good Morning America. That’s in addition to appearing in Esquire, GQ, HuffPost, Marie Claire, Parade, Town & Country, and USA Today, among countless other publications.

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