Diabetes Tests: MedlinePlus Medical Test

What do the final results suggest?

Depending on the variety of test or exams you experienced, your final results may perhaps show one of the following:

  • Usual glucose levels. This signifies you likely are not at possibility for or do not have diabetic issues.
  • Prediabetes. This signifies you have larger than regular glucose levels and may perhaps be at possibility for acquiring diabetic issues.
  • Style one or variety 2 diabetic issues
  • Gestational diabetic issues

If you have been diagnosed with variety one diabetic issues, converse to your provider about how to very best manage the problem. There is no overcome for variety one diabetic issues, but it may perhaps be managed with regular glucose checking and having insulin.

If you’ve got been diagnosed with prediabetes or variety 2 diabetic issues, your problem may perhaps be managed or even reversed by having diabetic issues medications and making way of life changes. These involve taking in a healthy diet, dropping excess weight, and expanding training.

If you’ve got been diagnosed with gestational diabetic issues, you may perhaps be equipped to decrease your glucose levels by taking in a healthy diet and acquiring regular training. But be positive to converse to your provider about cure alternatives. Most of the time, gestational diabetic issues goes absent after giving beginning.

If you have other queries about your diabetic issues diagnosis or cure, converse to your wellness treatment provider.

Discover extra about laboratory exams, references ranges, comprehending final results.

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