Can I Become a Pharmacy Technician Without Training?

For the most part, pharmacy technicians will need to undergo training first before being qualified

Important Job Skills for Pharmacy Technicians

For the most part, pharmacy technicians will need to undergo training first before being qualified to be employed, employers will only want the best candidates for the job – applicants who’ve undergone formal training and have certification. But is it possible for online pharmacy delivery aspiring technicians to be employed even without training? Yes it is still possible, but it will depend on several factors.

State regulations
Several states like Kentucky do not require individuals to complete a pharmacy technician training program to be hired. In these buy medication online jurisdictions the board requires pharmacies themselves to provide training to pharmacy technicians, take note that these training courses given by these pharmacies first have to be approved by the board.

Employer requirements
Another factor will be the requirements of the employers themselves, a majority of pharmacies hiring online require pharmacy technicians to have completed some sort of training program and some even prefer those with certification from the PTCB. But the key here is finding an employer that will not have training as part of their employment qualifications, it can be tough and you may have to look up the classified ads in your local newspaper for leads to these types of employers. Remember tough, that because you don’t have any formal training, your starting salary will be lower than the average, possibly below ten dollars per hour which is below average in this profession.

Employers who have less stringent requirements are usually smaller scale pharmacies who have fewer employees and have fewer benefits (health benefits in particular). To get into bigger and more stable pharmacies you need to get formal training. Fortunately there are several big name companies that offer internships as well as tuition assistance and even scholarships.

One such company that offers this is rite aid, one of the biggest pharmaceutical firms in the United States. They offer several programs for people interested in getting into this field like drug store internships, community pharmacy practice experience and residency. Contact them to see if you are qualified for their educational assistance or scholarship programs. The big bonus in training with rite aid is that after going through their training program, you will be eventually hired if you do well in their program.

To go far as a pharmacy tech, you’ll need training from a reputable school that is accredited, you may opt for an online training course (most of which aren’t accredited) which would be cheaper but take note that not all online programs are created equal, a lot of fly-night programs are lurking out there ready to get your cash and leave you out cold. As always do your research before making enrolling to any school and making a payment