What is a Master in Nursing Administration Degree?


A Master’s in Nursing Administration Degree is a degree that prepares nurses for leadership and management roles within the healthcare industry. The curriculum for this type of program typically includes coursework in areas such as hospital financial obligations, human resources, and healthcare policy. Students who earn a master’s in nursing administration often […]

How Hospital Emergency Preparedness Is Evolving

Allan I. Fleming

The largest lesson COVID-19 taught hospitals is how slim they can be stretched—and that contains morale, says Dr. Yves Duroseau, chair of unexpected emergency medication and co-chair of catastrophe planning providers at Lenox Hill Healthcare facility in New York. More than the previous virtually-3 many years, “We saw widespread burnout […]

When do you need reading glasses?

Allan I. Fleming

Every person has that second when they comprehend they could need examining eyeglasses. Whether or not it was though looking at your web site-turner late into the night, or scanning the paper early in the early morning, you could not aid but discover the text just weren’t as crystal clear […]