Day: April 15, 2020

A Sail-to-Ski Trip to British Columbia

“Adventure” may be described as a trip in which you don’t know the outcome. For instance, there are very few adventures in grocery stores, there are some in the dog park, and there are many when you’re reliant on favorable wind, fair weather, and the will of the mountain Gods.

In mid-spring last year we plunged into an expedition that necessitated all three to fall our way—a sail-to-ski trip along the British Columbia coast.

Sailing at dawn

Adventures are most often spurred by lofty goals without a clear path to

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A Positive Reminder That the Good Times Will Return

As we all lay low in our isolated bubbles, it’s only natural to reflect on the past. While fond memories of time spent outdoors with friends and family may seem distant right now, it’s important to remember those days will soon return. Remaining positive is key to fostering the good vibes and optimism needed to get things back to normal.

With that pep talk in mind, we encourage you to enjoy some epic powder turns from the crew at Ikon Pass. The inspirational video is aimed at bringing powder hounds together during

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Training During COVID-19: The Quarantine Machine

While we all try to figure out how to navigate these trying times of lockdowns and social distancing, we seem to have this weird mix of lots of time to train but a lack of options with which to utilize.


The challenges of training from home (minimal equipment and space being the main ones) have made it really difficult to create strength training options that can at least preserve, or possibly continue to develop, the levels of force production and neural drive necessary for athletes.



When this situation finally resolves and we are able to start competing again, those who

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This Simple HIIT Workout Is Fast and Perfect for Home

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a quick and effective way to combine cardio with strength work. It’s also easy to personalize based on your goals and fitness level. The overarching idea behind HIIT is simple: try hard, rest, repeat. It’s characterized by short bursts of near-maximum exertion (around 90 percent), followed by periods of rest, explains Mark Gurule, a fitness instructor and co-owner of Fitness Bootcamp Santa Fe in New Mexico. Hill sprints, four-by-fours at the climbing gym, and an all-out interval workout in the pool are all examples of HIIT, but it’s probably most familiar as a circuit workout

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