Stable Oscillator Components That Offer Cost-Effective Design Solutions

When you purchase electronic components, like ceramic resonators, from ECS Inc., you’ll receive a highly reliable product with long-term stability. All ceramic products designed by ECS Inc. feature low-series resistance, precision frequency selection and stable frequency tolerance within their specified temperature range. Ceramic resonators are as stable and reliable as crystal oscillators, but can be used in even more applications. They do not have polarity and leads can be mounted interchangeably. Because they’re also available in a wider range of frequencies, not just 3.57 MHz, you’ll find one from ECS Inc. that suits your project and budget. See for yourself why ECS Inc. ceramic resonators should be your top choice for your application. Request a sample.

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Support DocsPackage SizeFrequencyToleranceStabilityImpedanceOperating
Support Docs
6.00mm x 3.00mm2 MHz ~ 12 MHz±0.5%±0.2%-25°C ~ 85°C
ZTBZTB Datasheet
Support Docs
7.00mm x 3.50mm455 kHz±2kHz±0.3%20 Ω-20°C ~ 80°C
Support Docs
6.00mm x 3.00mm1.84 ~ 20 MHz±0.5%±0.3%-40°C ~ 85°C
Support Docs
3.20mm x 1.30mm8 MHz ~ 12 MHz±0.5%±0.2%40 Ω-40°C ~ 85°C
ECS-SR-BECS-SR-B Datasheet
Support Docs
7.50mm x 3.30mm2 ~ 8 MHz±0.5%±0.3%40 Ω-20°C ~ 80°C
ECS-SR-AECS-SR-A Datasheet
Support Docs
7.50mm x 3.30mm2 ~ 8 MHz±0.5%±0.3%40 Ω-20°C ~ 80°C
Support Docs
2.50mm x 2.00mm20 MHz ~ 50 MHz±0.5%±0.4%-20°C ~ 80°C
ECS-CR2-BECS-CR2-B Datasheet
Support Docs
3.70mm x 3.10mm8 ~ 40 MHz±0.5%±0.3%-20°C ~ 80°C
ECS-CR2-AECS-CR2-A Datasheet
Support Docs
3.70mm x 3.10mm8 ~ 40 MHz±0.5%±0.3%40 Ω-20°C ~ 80°C

The Best Ceramic Resonators from an Industry Leader in Passive Components

For more than 40 years, ECS Inc. has been the go-to source for electronic components, resonators and other timing solutions. The dedication to quality, frequency and durability are a few of the many reasons why customers trust ECS Inc. to always deliver exceptional products, customized to fit their project requirements. In combination with an expert team of engineering professionals, these qualities make ECS Inc. the premier source for passive components for your engineering needs. As a leading manufacturer of passive electronic components, such as ceramic resonators, ECS Inc. should be your first choice for all your timing solution needs, no matter where you are in the world.

Ceramic resonators are made of high-stability piezoelectric components that function as mechanical resonators. They are used in a broad range of applications that don’t require precision timing, such as consumer electronics, communication design, personal computing applications and exercise equipment manufacturing. Ceramic resonators are a low-cost solution for non-critical timing solutions in applications such as filters, frequency meters and amplifiers.

Electronic Component Solutions to Fit Your Design

Get in touch with a sales representative if you need more information about ceramic resonators or have questions about a specific requirement in your application design. Contact the ECS engineering team at for assistance with products, board respins and any additional questions. Browse the extensive online resource library, complete with videos and other content about each of our products and their applications.

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